Our products are born from decades of study and experience

The philosophy that has inspired us has always been that of “evolution” and not of “revolution”: we have carefully observed, for more than 40 years, the development of technologies and market needs.

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In this category we have heating cables extruded in silicone rubber or PVC and, according to the case, covered with inox braid or glass fiber.
They can be wired with power cords in PVC, AWG or silicone, and insulated.
For applications that go from building industry to the refrigeration, flexible heaters represent the ideal choice for a large number of uses.


Electric heaters realized in inox steel or aluminium belong to this category.
They work at average and high temperatures and are mainly used for refrigerated cabinets and counters.

About us


In February 1964, Mr. Russo Giuseppe constituted the company Elinov srl and began to produce electrical resistances in Italy, at that time only of American import. He strongly believed in an activity that over the years has become an important sector in Italian entrepreneurship, with the birth of many competitors..


born Elinov Evolution srls that wants to combine tradition and innovation, carrying forward the ideals of the time. Elinov Evolution is the name of a company, oriented to the absolute respect of consolidated production methods, supported by the contribution of a balanced modernity. Elinov Evolution wants to be a point of reference for the customer, studying together solutions to the most diverse needs, producing both for small and large productions and not neglecting the quality and customer support that is fundamental for us.

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